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:::::::::THE TBBT SYSTEM by PUSH TURBO:::::::::
The PRO-G-TBBT and the PRO-T-TBBT are the first turbo kit systems to place a  throttle body onto the turbo inlet. I call this my TBBT system. ( Throttle Body Before Turbo ).
Acceleration with the TBBT is incredible. Instead of trying to hold off or gain boost at different throttle positions, you are controlling your boost pressure and RPM with the throttle position.
This makes on off throttle response seamless and out right fun. (No BOV is necessary.)

::::::::::THE TRE SYSTEM by PUSH TURBO:::::::::::
NEW TRE (total reed exposure), intake manifold with new injector location (1.5 in closer)
Its on the PRO-G-TBBT and the PRO-T-TBBT kits.
The new intake system will be available for most existing PUSH TURBO kits.
:::::::FX NYTRO MTX, XTX TURBO 210 HP PG::::::
Check out the YAMAHA tab for new systems up to 600 Hp

Push Turbo designs and manufactures state of the art, light weight turbo kits.
    NEW YAMAHA YXZ 1000           GP 292 HP TURBO KIT 4,895.00